Looking ahead!

When sight reading or maybe just playing a piece that you know from music, always look ahead. You should be looking at least one bar ahead all the time to anticipate what is coming, the fingering that will be needed, and seeing the structure of the music.

It’s a tough disciple to follow at first but looking ahead will pay huge dividends.

It’s never too late to start playing the piano again

The comedian and broadcaster Alistair McGowan started playing the piano again in his thirties, and will play his first recital in a celebrity Christmas Gala in December. He claims he started playing the piano when living with a former girlfriend, because she took so long to get ready he spent the time waiting to practice.

Adult Social Concert

Many thanks to Julia, Jessica, Sue, Trevor, Sam, Stephen and Wayne who all played beautifully at the annual adult social concert last night. The music ranged from Bach to Einaudi and much fun was had by all!