Andrew Clarke

1 Southmead Drive, Lickey End, Bromsgrove, B60 1JF
Tel: 07834 188918

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Welcome to Piano Fun!Piano teacher in BromsgrovePiano lessons in Bromsgrove for fun and enjoyment!

I am a piano teacher in Bromsgrove. My name is Andrew Clarke and I teach piano lessons in Bromsgrove for students at all levels from beginner to Grade 8.Your time of life is no barrier to enjoying music. Learning to play a musical instrument is deeply rewarding and on top of that it can be fun and enjoyment too!

I emphasise the discovery and enjoyment of music in piano lessons. Along the way you will learn about different pieces and composers, both modern and classical. However, even more importantly your musical journey will become incredibly rewarding as you discover the musical sense and appreciation within you.

Don’t put it off for another moment. Join me for Piano Fun piano lessons today and discover a life long enjoyment of making music!

For your piano teacher in Bromsgrove call 07834 188 918 now!

Piano lessons in Bromsgrove

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