2023 Adults Social Concert

Thanks to Nick, Abi, Leanne, Trevor, Flora, Matt and Rachel for taking part in this year’s Christmas social music evening. Not to forget Sue who helped with the teas and coffees!

The evening was an opportunity to play pieces in front of other students and to make new friends. It’s always daunting to play in front of an audience, particularly other piano players, but everyone played beautifully and confidently.

Thanks to all, it was great fun!

Please observe the speed limit

Remember, when you practise it has to be SLOW. You cannot practise impatiently. Putting in the ‘time’ of practising is not enough. I would rather 30 minutes of slow practising and listening to 2 hours of just playing.

Practise slowly. Listen to what you are playing, pay attention. This helps you eliminate mistakes and bad habits.

1. Practise slowly
2. Have a plan, know what you want to achieve.
3. Do it in small sections.
4. Have patience.
5. Listen. Don’t just ‘hear’ what you are playing.

It’s not too late

If you’ve always wanted to play the piano but feel you’ve missed your chance then hear this:

It’s not too late. Learning to play the piano can improve cognitive function, memory, and coordination. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and express oneself creatively.

You’re not too old. The brain is constantly adapting and forming new connections, even in adulthood. With regular practice, anyone can learn to play the piano, regardless of their age.

How do I do it? You just need a simple method for learning that feels fun, motivating and geared to your needs. You’ll start slowly and focus on the basics. Learning to play the piano takes time and effort, but it is important to be patient and enjoy the process.

Online Piano Lessons

The Coronavirus pandemic makes humans think creatively and in this case offer online piano lessons. Having done some testing we’ve found the best solution for sound and video quality is to use Skype.

One-to-one lessons via Skype are available for existing students. Please contact me if you’d like to keep rolling!