The 365 Challenge

I came across these articles 40 Piece Challenge and the Go Play Project.

The ‘2015 Challenge’ is to set a target to learn or re-learn a large number of piano pieces in a year. You set weekly, fortnightly or monthly deadlines. You practice the piece and then either perform it to a friend or teacher, or record it.

The result may not be perfect but taking part can help to overcome the tendency towards procrastination and perfectionism. The concept is inspirational and builds ability while learning new pieces and having fun along the way.

It’s a great idea on two counts:

As a pupil it helps you focus and practice, and the performance at the end will go some way to overcome anxiety about playing in front of someone.

As a teacher it encourages me to learn new pieces, and removes the excuse that I’m too busy teaching. Hopefully it builds a platform of increased ability to learn more complex pieces in the future.