Abigail S

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to learn to play the piano and I couldn’t have chosen a better teacher to help me to realise this. I am in my 40s and had worried I was too old to learn, but after just one year Andrew has taken my dream and made it a reality. I am falling in love more each day with the piano and Andrew has made it a fun and rewarding experience. He understands my motivations and quickly discovered which pieces I would enjoy learning and playing. I do not personally want to take exams but if I did I would completely trust Andrew to get me ready for them. An absolutely fantastic teacher and lovely person, I look forward to our lessons and enjoy our fun and laughter as well as the learning!

Rosie Buen Aesthetics

Andrew is a great teacher I’ve learned so much since starting lessons with him. The lessons are fun, with no pressure, and we always have a good laugh. Highly recommend 🙂

Leanne H

I’ve been having lessons from Andrew for just over a year now. Its the highlight of my week, I get to enjoy learning and not stop laughing all lesson. It also helps that i get to see my best fur friend Meg who graciously volunteers her time for fuss and cuddles. Playing the piano is something I have always wanted to do, with Andrew he makes my learning feel like pure enjoyment and like there’s no pressure to be the best but to just have fun. Thank you Andrew for being such a wonderful teacher and friend.

Martin R

I have been learning to play the piano with Andrew for just under a year. The lessons are very relaxed and friendly making learning to play the piano fun. Taking up a musical instrument in my retirement is always challenging, but Andrew is a patient teacher and sympathetic to different student needs. I am enjoying my lessons and look forward to playing a variety of music in the future, advancing my skills to become a confident and competent piano player.

Rachel M

I have been a student with Andrew for over 10 years. He has helped me not only to advance my piano playing but develop my musical appreciation. He has a passion for music and teaching and bring enjoyment and fun to the lessons! If you are thinking of learning the piano, or taking it up again after a long period of absence, then I wholeheartedly recommend his teaching and piano lessons.

Gareth W

Andrew provides a learning experience which is fun and rewarding. He develops his students in a focused and structured style yet with a completely un-pressured atmosphere. He is simply an outstanding teacher.

Trevor R

About 10 years ago I decided like many middle aged people that I needed to try something new that I could work on at my own pace. Always wanting to be able to play a tune I decided to take a couple of piano lessons see how it went. As you can tell it well as I am still having them, and with Andrew’s guidance and the way he teaches, not only can I play the piano, I’ve learnt about music as well. I started knowing nothing and reading music to me was like an alien language. Now I have learnt and am still am learning about all types of music. Every step and every lesson is something new, from complete novice to where I am now is with great thanks to Andrew. Not only is learning fun with him, his knowledge and guidance is priceless. I’ve learnt so many brilliant pieces that I’ve been introduced to. Andrew’s lessons are very well structured, learning step by step but at my pace and more importantly it’s fun too. He has shown me that music is to be enjoyed by everyone and the sense of achievement is just brilliant. The support of a fantastic teacher is the key and it’s all thanks to Andrew. My mom always said she wanted one of her kids to be able to play an instrument. If it weren’t for Andrew it probably wouldn’t of happened.

Learning with Andrew is brilliant, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. You are never too old to start, I started aged 34 and Andrew has taught me so much I can’t thank him enough. However you don’t just get a fantastic teacher you get a good friend too.

Sarah H

I cannot begin to articulate how grateful I am to have found Andrew. His inspiring piano teaching has hooked me! Andrew has a real passion for the piano. He carefully selects music for his students to play that is both appropriately challenging, and enjoyable. Looking back over the last few years, I am astounded at the range of music I have learnt. Andrew makes learning to play the piano a real pleasure. I thoroughly look forward to every lesson.

Sue A

I was a complete piano beginner this time last year and whilst I’m not up to performance level just yet, I am amazed at what I have achieved with Andrew’s patient and encouraging tuition. Teaching piano needs patience, encouragement and humour. Andrew possesses these in abundance and ‘pianofun’ is just what it says on the tin. I love playing. Thank you Andrew – you have enhanced my life!